Tannar & Simon

This area is dedicated to the multiple music collaborations of Tannar Brewer and Simon.

I first met Tannar in 1994 when Rik Wright and myself were seeking a bass player for our (then) rock/pop band Spindle. That band never really got off the ground but we began working with Tannar in an experimental prog/garage/jazz thing that started as “Fishhook”, morphed into “Psychovamp” and then evolved into the “Jackhammer Trio“. ¬†Throughout the ’90’s and into the early 2000’s Tannar and I worked as a rhythm section for several artists/bands (like Beluga, Crunchbird and the Swivel Hips) as well as our own concoctions.

I’ll have more historic info coming soon; so for now- here are a few links to Tannar’s current and/or most recent musical endeavors:

Tannar Brewer


Tannar/Simon Works

Klingon Battle Cruiser (coming soon)

Margarine of Terror!


Selected Listening

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