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This is the top-level page to parsed discographies from SG’s past bands, collaborations, production clients and solo works.

Simon’s Solo Works

Simon’s Past Bands and Collaborations


Jackhammer Trio

Scream Radio

Rik & Simon

Tannar & Simon

Jaime & Simon

Beluga (coming soon)


One-Off’s and/or Hired Gun

Kaz Murphy (coming soon) 

Lisa Rein  (coming soon) 

Puppet (coming soon) 

Steve Johnson (coming soon) 

The Swivel Hips (coming soon) 

Vagrant Records (coming soon) 


Selected Production Works

Awkward Star (coming soon)

James DeJoie (coming soon)

James Whiton and the Downtown Apostles  (coming soon)

Rik Wright’s Zen Tornado (coming soon)

Safe Behind Glass (coming soon)