Techie Weekend

Greetings- I had a no-music (making) weekend as I spent most of it trying to compile video content for this site. I am thinking my model will be to release full albums for listening, via video; likely through YouTube.  I had so much fun sorting through content and editing video files that I decided to start today by programming MIDI program change settings on my Boss ES-8 so I can remotely change presets on my Eventide H9.  This makes my head hurt; there will be music making tomorrow.  Ciao for now- sg


I have been dedicating some time to building detail pages for some of my bands’ past works. This is a pretty big undertaking- gathering pics of album covers, writing session notes, and organizing sound files.  I’ll try to make periodic announcements (here) as I deploy them- this could go on for years.  The latest couple of page additions are for two Jackhammer Trio works:

ciao for now- sg

Transplant Surgery Successful

As mentioned a few days ago- I had to rearrange my pedalboard to make room for my new Eventide H9. The Tech-21 TRI-OD had to go in order to make that room; but I think I have a way to bring it back-  …I’ll add a riser, or two, and then I can re-claim the space consumed by those cable patches on the back-side of my Boss-ES8 switcher. Note the image below- this is the “before” shot; you can still see the TRI-OD on the right edge of the board. A riser will allow me to float more pedal effects above the patch cables you can see in the superimposed red box (that’s a lot of space).

I am not in a hurry to perform this mod- but once I do I will share the results here. ciao for now- sg

Pedalboard Whining

Continuing to work on my slo-blues song; laid down some lead tracks this morning. I’m still working out what I want to say in those lead lines so I’ll give it plenty of time for experimentation before committing to a part.

I’m also currently dealing with space issues on my guitar pedalboard so just venting here a little. I’ve got to ditch my Tech-21 TRI-OD to make space for my new H9. In reality though- I’ll likely just keep them both and get a bigger pedalboard soon. All those years of rolling my eyes as guitar players in my bands talked about stuff like this- ha-ha; now I get to take that journey too. Oh well- we do what we must.

Lastly I have been making a bunch of updates to the pages on this site. Most recently I have updated the Scream Radio page, including a new page dedication to Scar the Shell; with more album-specific pages coming soon (for all bands really). Keep watching here and I will highlight these adds as often as I can.

ciao for now- sg

Clean-Up Your Website!

If you haven’t noticed by now- I have embarked on a complete clean-up of the website. Since I have spent the better part of three years converting most of my career’s music into digital format- I now have a ton of media to share so I’m trying to get my delivery system (the site) in order so that it’s not too difficult to sift through the data and media as it accumulates here over time.

In cleaning-up my “Drums” page- I have added a few sound files that illuminate some of my playing. This particular example comes from Disjunkt, and is one idea of what a drummer can do with brushes. Enjoy! sg

Bird of Paradox (Disjunkt)


I’ve been working on a slow, dark blues song this week; I’m calling it: “Gardez”.  I have scratch drum and bass tracks as well as different layers of rhythm guitar textures. Next I have to start working out where the lead guitar riffs can go (around the lyrics). More info to come.  ciao for now- sg