Continued Woodshedding

Greetings all!  I have mainly been woodshedding my bass chops over this Winter. I have been working on specific combinations of different artists’ material to get my head around shifting from one type of chord composition to something totally different. I have found that it is easy to get stuck in a “mindset”, especially when it comes to muscle memory, if you work on too much of the same material all the time.  So my current mixture consists of works by: George Michael, Public Image Ltd and Porcupine Tree. Ok- they are all British- but that’s about where the similarity ends.

Lastly I’ll just note that I was at a fun show last night in Petaluma…

Psychedelic Furs!

Cheers!  sg

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! It’s been forever since my last post- I guess I got a little busy. Long story short- I spent the Summer searching for, and then buying, a new house. This has kept me really busy and past few months have been spent customizing my house to our liking. This Spring I will be starting work on the garage project studio.

For now- here is the latest incarnation of my bass rig’s pedalboard.

Cheers!  sg

A Quick Geo-Political Note

Ok look- this is a music site. I play, record & produce music of all kinds, for all sorts of reasons. Once in a while I MIGHT discuss issues from my tech career, day job.  However the state of our politics and our economy are in such a state that once in a while I might have something to say in reaction to the very unsteady times we live in.

I am not here to vent about one political party vs. another or anything like that.  I am primarily concerned with my (and frankly all of our) financial future which has been getting gloomy-er and gloomy-er every day since the dotcom bust. Whatever your political stance, please remember-  when economies get so weak that they are close to a breaking point- the most historically used tool by all governments is to stir up a war to take everyone’s eye off the ball.  This is exactly the same slight of hand that magicians and three card monty artists use to perform their tricks.

That said- here is a link to Rogue Money’s weekly interview with global intelligence analyst London Paul

Chin’s up everybody.  If all of this turbulence makes you uneasy- write a song about it and share it.   Ciao for now- sg

Still Here

Hi all- just a quick note to let you know that things are still rolling along here at SGU. I have been distracted by house hunting and a lot of work analyzing the crypto markets as we prepare for the upcoming financial changes our country (and frankly the world) are about to undergo. I will post some music info soon. Thanks for checking in, sorry for the long silence!

Ciao for now- sg


Yup- “swamped”.  As in- very busy, nearly overwhelmed, barely afloat  …ok you get the idea.  Birthdays, holidays and anniversaries have consumed much of my time in the last few weeks, so not a lot of music news to report; mostly just my daily woodshedding.

I did manage to get out and see this:

I must say that I did not like this film as much as Prometheus. I am hoping a future director’s cut may change my mind. Basically- there was very little character development which killed the eventual, multiple scenes where different characters loose their partner/spouses but have to summon the strength to keep going (noticeably effortlessly).   The redeeming factor (for me) is the storyline and continuing saga of the ever-present Yutani. Worth the price of a matinee.

And I would be remiss if I did not mention seeing an extended preview for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049. Psyched!

Ciao for now. sg

Back in the Rat Race

Greetings- I am back from a one week hiatus. I was out celebrating my wife’s 50TH birthday and enjoying our annual trip to Palm Springs. While down there we also made our, now regular, stop at the Integratron for a sound bath.  So I’m back to work now as I continue to make progress on this year’s solo album as well as a ton of woodshedding on my stringed instruments.

Ciao for now- sg

New Song Player

Hello again- as mentioned earlier I have been experimenting with different audio player formats and finally I have settled on a winner. Not much else to say today so here is an example from the Disjunkt page…

Ciao for now- sg


Howdy folks- sorry for the long pause. I have been as busy as busy gets, but just wanted to drop a quick progress report in here.  I am working on a few site tweaks- new audio players coming soon.  Been very busy making music- solo album is progressing on schedule. I have been woodshedding a lot on bass lately. I find that most of my best songwriting ideas come from being totally consumed by bass, bass lines and everything in the foundation of the song’s rhythm and chord structure. This might seem obvious- but when it comes to writing we all have our preferred tools and sometimes just exploring the bass gives me the best ideas (as much as I love my tele). Ok then- I’ll log something more substantial soon.  Thanks for stopping by!  Ciao for now- sg

Free Jazz Additions

Greetings friends. I have just finished uploading several Disjunkt recordings for your consumption:

In other SG news I am continuing work on my solo album. I am excited to reveal that I have commitments from Rik Wright and Bruce Brophy to perform on some of the tracks. More news to come on this effort as I continue work on this project the all the way through the Fall of ’17.

Lastly- I am still recovering from a fantastic night of (now) old-school rappers featuring Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Method Man and Redman. Fantastic show- catch them on their “Wellness Tour” while you still can- you will be cured of all that ails you for at least an evening.

Ciao for now- sg

Techie Weekend

Greetings- I had a no-music (making) weekend as I spent most of it trying to compile video content for this site. I am thinking my model will be to release full albums for listening, via video; likely through YouTube.  I had so much fun sorting through content and editing video files that I decided to start today by programming MIDI program change settings on my Boss ES-8 so I can remotely change presets on my Eventide H9.  This makes my head hurt; there will be music making tomorrow.  Ciao for now- sg


I have been dedicating some time to building detail pages for some of my bands’ past works. This is a pretty big undertaking- gathering pics of album covers, writing session notes, and organizing sound files.  I’ll try to make periodic announcements (here) as I deploy them- this could go on for years.  The latest couple of page additions are for two Jackhammer Trio works:

ciao for now- sg

Transplant Surgery Successful

As mentioned a few days ago- I had to rearrange my pedalboard to make room for my new Eventide H9. The Tech-21 TRI-OD had to go in order to make that room; but I think I have a way to bring it back-  …I’ll add a riser, or two, and then I can re-claim the space consumed by those cable patches on the back-side of my Boss-ES8 switcher. Note the image below- this is the “before” shot; you can still see the TRI-OD on the right edge of the board. A riser will allow me to float more pedal effects above the patch cables you can see in the superimposed red box (that’s a lot of space).

I am not in a hurry to perform this mod- but once I do I will share the results here. ciao for now- sg

Pedalboard Whining

Continuing to work on my slo-blues song; laid down some lead tracks this morning. I’m still working out what I want to say in those lead lines so I’ll give it plenty of time for experimentation before committing to a part.

I’m also currently dealing with space issues on my guitar pedalboard so just venting here a little. I’ve got to ditch my Tech-21 TRI-OD to make space for my new H9. In reality though- I’ll likely just keep them both and get a bigger pedalboard soon. All those years of rolling my eyes as guitar players in my bands talked about stuff like this- ha-ha; now I get to take that journey too. Oh well- we do what we must.

Lastly I have been making a bunch of updates to the pages on this site. Most recently I have updated the Scream Radio page, including a new page dedication to Scar the Shell; with more album-specific pages coming soon (for all bands really). Keep watching here and I will highlight these adds as often as I can.

ciao for now- sg

Clean-Up Your Website!

If you haven’t noticed by now- I have embarked on a complete clean-up of the website. Since I have spent the better part of three years converting most of my career’s music into digital format- I now have a ton of media to share so I’m trying to get my delivery system (the site) in order so that it’s not too difficult to sift through the data and media as it accumulates here over time.

In cleaning-up my “Drums” page- I have added a few sound files that illuminate some of my playing. This particular example comes from Disjunkt, and is one idea of what a drummer can do with brushes. Enjoy! sg

Bird of Paradox (Disjunkt)


I’ve been working on a slow, dark blues song this week; I’m calling it: “Gardez”.  I have scratch drum and bass tracks as well as different layers of rhythm guitar textures. Next I have to start working out where the lead guitar riffs can go (around the lyrics). More info to come.  ciao for now- sg