Back in the Rat Race

Greetings- I am back from a one week hiatus. I was out celebrating my wife’s 50TH birthday and enjoying our annual trip to Palm Springs. While down there we also made our, now regular, stop at the Integratron for a sound bath.  So I’m back to work now as I continue to make progress on this year’s solo album as well as a ton of woodshedding on my stringed instruments.

Ciao for now- sg

New Song Player

Hello again- as mentioned earlier I have been experimenting with different audio player formats and finally I have settled on a winner. Not much else to say today so here is an example from the Disjunkt page…

Ciao for now- sg


Howdy folks- sorry for the long pause. I have been as busy as busy gets, but just wanted to drop a quick progress report in here.  I am working on a few site tweaks- new audio players coming soon.  Been very busy making music- solo album is progressing on schedule. I have been woodshedding a lot on bass lately. I find that most of my best songwriting ideas come from being totally consumed by bass, bass lines and everything in the foundation of the song’s rhythm and chord structure. This might seem obvious- but when it comes to writing we all have our preferred tools and sometimes just exploring the bass gives me the best ideas (as much as I love my tele). Ok then- I’ll log something more substantial soon.  Thanks for stopping by!  Ciao for now- sg

Techie Weekend

Greetings- I had a no-music (making) weekend as I spent most of it trying to compile video content for this site. I am thinking my model will be to release full albums for listening, via video; likely through YouTube.  I had so much fun sorting through content and editing video files that I decided to start today by programming MIDI program change settings on my Boss ES-8 so I can remotely change presets on my Eventide H9.  This makes my head hurt; there will be music making tomorrow.  Ciao for now- sg