A Quick Geo-Political Note

Ok look- this is a music site. I play, record & produce music of all kinds, for all sorts of reasons. Once in a while I MIGHT discuss issues from my tech career, day job.  However the state of our politics and our economy are in such a state that once in a while I might have something to say in reaction to the very unsteady times we live in.

I am not here to vent about one political party vs. another or anything like that.  I am primarily concerned with my (and frankly all of our) financial future which has been getting gloomy-er and gloomy-er every day since the dotcom bust. Whatever your political stance, please remember-  when economies get so weak that they are close to a breaking point- the most historically used tool by all governments is to stir up a war to take everyone’s eye off the ball.  This is exactly the same slight of hand that magicians and three card monty artists use to perform their tricks.

That said- here is a link to Rogue Money’s weekly interview with global intelligence analyst London Paul

Chin’s up everybody.  If all of this turbulence makes you uneasy- write a song about it and share it.   Ciao for now- sg