New Song Player

Hello again- as mentioned earlier I have been experimenting with different audio player formats and finally I have settled on a winner. Not much else to say today so here is an example from the Disjunkt page…

Ciao for now- sg

Free Jazz Additions

Greetings friends. I have just finished uploading several Disjunkt recordings for your consumption:

In other SG news I am continuing work on my solo album. I am excited to reveal that I have commitments from Rik Wright and Bruce Brophy to perform on some of the tracks. More news to come on this effort as I continue work on this project the all the way through the Fall of ’17.

Lastly- I am still recovering from a fantastic night of (now) old-school rappers featuring Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Method Man and Redman. Fantastic show- catch them on their “Wellness Tour” while you still can- you will be cured of all that ails you for at least an evening.

Ciao for now- sg

Clean-Up Your Website!

If you haven’t noticed by now- I have embarked on a complete clean-up of the website. Since I have spent the better part of three years converting most of my career’s music into digital format- I now have a ton of media to share so I’m trying to get my delivery system (the site) in order so that it’s not too difficult to sift through the data and media as it accumulates here over time.

In cleaning-up my “Drums” page- I have added a few sound files that illuminate some of my playing. This particular example comes from Disjunkt, and is one idea¬†of what a drummer¬†can do with brushes. Enjoy! sg

Bird of Paradox (Disjunkt)