Transplant Surgery Successful

As mentioned a few days ago- I had to rearrange my pedalboard to make room for my new Eventide H9. The Tech-21 TRI-OD had to go in order to make that room; but I think I have a way to bring it back-  …I’ll add a riser, or two, and then I can re-claim the space consumed by those cable patches on the back-side of my Boss-ES8 switcher. Note the image below- this is the “before” shot; you can still see the TRI-OD on the right edge of the board. A riser will allow me to float more pedal effects above the patch cables you can see in the superimposed red box (that’s a lot of space).

I am not in a hurry to perform this mod- but once I do I will share the results here. ciao for now- sg