Continued Woodshedding

Greetings all!  I have mainly been woodshedding my bass chops over this Winter. I have been working on specific combinations of different artists’ material to get my head around shifting from one type of chord composition to something totally different. I have found that it is easy to get stuck in a “mindset”, especially when it comes to muscle memory, if you work on too much of the same material all the time.  So my current mixture consists of works by: George Michael, Public Image Ltd and Porcupine Tree. Ok- they are all British- but that’s about where the similarity ends.

Lastly I’ll just note that I was at a fun show last night in Petaluma…

Psychedelic Furs!

Cheers!  sg

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! It’s been forever since my last post- I guess I got a little busy. Long story short- I spent the Summer searching for, and then buying, a new house. This has kept me really busy and past few months have been spent customizing my house to our liking. This Spring I will be starting work on the garage project studio.

For now- here is the latest incarnation of my bass rig’s pedalboard.

Cheers!  sg